Credit Application

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  • Terms of Sale

    Payment in full on nil invoices 3O days after dale. All claims must be made upon receipt of goods. All invoices not paid within 3O days after shalI be subject subject to a service charge computed at a rate 1-1/2% per month which is an annual rate of 18%. App past-due invoices are subject to all costs and expenses incurred by E. Tetz & Sons Inc. and/or Tetz Asphalt, LLC in collection of said past due indebtedness, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees and court costs and disbursements. Returned checks shall be subject to a $75.00 service charge.
  • The undersigned hereby certifies that the above information given in this credit application is true and accurate and that I have read the terms of sale. I understand them and consent to the terms of sale stated above.
  • Guarantor

  • *E. Tetz & Sons Inc. and/or Tetz Asphalt, LLC requires a personal guarantor for all credit accounts. The undersigned having read the foregoing credit application and terms of sale, do hereby personally guaranty payment of any and all debts and obligations which hereafter may become due, owing and payable to E. Tetz & Sons Inc. and/or Tetz Asphalt, LLC by:
  • , as a result of credit extended by E. Tetz & Sons Inc. and/or Tetz Asphalt, LLC or its affiliates as if I (we) were the original purchaser-obligor.
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